Flammable Cabinets

For obvious safety reasons (fire, explosion, corrosion, poisoning, etc.), all dangerous products must be handled and stored with the greatest care.

What is a fire cabinet?
Fireproof cabinets protect flammable products - and therefore people and property - from the risk of fire or an abnormally high heat source. Protection against flames is ensured by the containment of the cabinet, thanks in particular to the automatic closing of the doors on many models, the presence of thermo-expanding seals and the presence of fire dampers at the ventilation inlet and outlet (standard EN14470-1). Some models are equipped with an automatic extinguishing device internal to extinguish or prevent the outbreak of a fire internal the enclosure itself.

The automatic extinguishing system must meet precise specifications for speed and efficiency.

International insurance and accreditation body for fire protection equipment (through UL) and advice to companies. FM 6050 approval results in a 10 minutes fire resistance for safety cabinets according to the NFPA 251-1969 temperature curve.

NF EN ISO 1182:
The thermal insulation in the cabinet walls is non-flammable.

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