GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY INJECTION DEVICES : VOC Analysis & Gas Chromatography Solutions
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High pressure gas sampling & injection system:

  • Online micro-sampling system under high pressure (up to 60 MPa)
  • Liquid or gas samples
  • Connection to an autoclave, a chemical reactor or a process line
  • Adjustable sampling from 1mg to a few mg - Sampling temperature up to 250°C
  • Applications: process monitoring, petrochemicals analysis, other.

Multi injector: “universal” injector including all injection modes

  • Classical or programmable (temperature & pressure : PTV mode) Split or split-splitless, big volume injection, direct desorption of solid samples
  • Temperature range : ambient to 650°C (increment: 1°C)
  • Air cooling (option: LCO2) > 4 temperature ramps : from 1°C to 999°C/min - Pressure range : 0-400 kPa (increment: 1 kPa)
  • Dedicated to high boiling point products or highly volatile products.

PR1350 Thermal Desorber: dynamic system for headspace generation

  • Desorption, Re-concentration, Injection
  • Desorption by flash heating (40°C/s) programmable from ambient to 250°C
  • Peltier cooling in standard (-10°C)
  • Optional cold trap: -80°C (Liquid nitrogen) or -30°C (liquid CO2) 

  • Software monitored

  • 4 configurations available

  • Desorption oven for solid samples 

  • Oven for desorption tubes 

  • System for online gas analysis.