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PR2100 Gas Chromatograph

Performance, Flexibility & Sensitivity

Large capacity oven, high security (double door), with reliable temperature regulation (fan) Possibility to mount 2 injectors and 2 detectors simultaneously Large choice of injectors:

  • Classical
  • Split / Splitless
  • Multi-injector combining all injection modes: classical, split/splitless, Programmable Temperature

Vaporizing (PTV), important volume, direct thermodesorption of solid samples

  • Static or dynamic desorption system
  • High pressure gas sampling & injection system: online micro-sampling system under high pressure (up to 60 MPa)
  • Available detectors: TCD, FID, ECD, FPD, PID
  • Dedicated autosamplers (liquid or headspace injection)
  • Monitored by user-friendly and intuitive software: customizable analysis reports, automatic or easy manual integration of chromatograms.


PR 1250, an isothermal temperature regulation chromatograph dedicated to online gas analysis

  • Compact & robust, particularly suitable for routine analysis
  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) in standard configuration
  • Isothermal regulation of oven temperature: from ambient to 180°C
  • PC control (USB link) and user friendly software
  • Valve injection: one or two valves (6 or 10 ports)
  • Additional choice of detectors: FID, FPD.