Showers & First-Aid Equipment : Safety Cabinets (Flammable / Corrosive / Toxic, Fume Hoods & Cabinets)
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Showers & First-Aid Equipment


About the regulations


For people security, emergency showers and eye-washers are indispensable in every working area where chemical projections danger exist. Therefore, they are especially recommended for laboratories, workshops, hospitals, universities, schools.


Emergency equipment, safety showers and eye-washers must be located close to danger area. The access should be clearly visible.


Our showers and eye-washers connected on water network are in compliance with future prEN 15154-1 and prEN 15154-2 and DIN 12899 norms.

All our models are delivered with normalized labels in compliance with ISO 3864 norm and 92/52/CCE European Directive.



Range DL   

- Wall mounted eye-washers

- Deck mounted eye-washers

- Pedestal mounted eye-washers

- Plateform mounted safety eye-washer with railing


Safety showers

Range DL   

- Wall mounted safety showers
- Deck mounted safety showers
- Pedestal mounted safety showers
- Plateform mounted safety shower with railing


Safety combination units

Range DL   

- Safety combination units
- Plateform mounted safety showers and eye-washers with railing
- Freeze resistant and uncongeable showers and eye-washers


Decontamination unit

Range DL       - Decontamination unit

Self-contained showers and eye-washers

Range DL   

- Wall mounted station for the eyes or the body
- Portable showers station (DPA)
- First-aid kit for eyes
- Eye-wash kit