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Company Profile

Auric Pacific Engineering Pte Ltd has established its business from Singapore, the Asia regions, Middle East and Africa regions since 1994.  We have a group of specialized workforce to install gases, liquid, heat process treatment, Flammable & Special Gases Piping & Distribution System works, Gas Safety & Monitoring System, Medical Gas Piping System, Certified oil free CDA, Vacuum system for commercial building, institution, laboratories, waste treatment plant, oil & gas industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and farming, aviation, chemical plants, constructions, food & beverage production, gas utilities sector, marine & shipping industries, mining, pulp & paper industry & utilities (power).  

We are specialized safety system integrator & provider to the above industries with the sole distributorship of gas, water, chemical safety monitoring equipment & products appointed by manufacturers from US, U.K., Germany, France & Europe countries.  We assure that customers receive products & services of the same quality in accordance with their expectations and requirements.

Ever since founded, it has created a platform of services to meet customers’ requirements, being the incontestable specialist in the prevention of gas related risks.  Our major activity is based on the following fields:-


  1. Gases, liquid, heat process treatment, Certified oil free CDA and Vacuum & Piping system
  2. Personal Portable Gas Protection System  
  3. Toxic & Flammable Gas safety, measurement and control system & flame detection system  
  4. Flammable and Toxic Gas Cabinet for Laboratories and Industry Application.  
  5. Stack Gas & Dust Monitoring System  
  6. Pollution Monitoring System
  7. VOC & Biogas Analysis System for Lab and Industrial Application.  
  8. Water Leak, Pipe & Metal Detection System for all industries.  
  9. Natural Gas Network Survey & Gas Leak Detections
  10. Medical System for Hospital and Institution.  



Auric Pacific Engineering Pte Ltd proposes theoretical, technical or practical training designed to provide the most suitable solution for users’ needs:  


  • Awareness training in gas and dust detection  
  • On-site preventive and curative maintenance training  
  • Training to optimize equipment performance, demonstration and commissioning of equipment  


Our overseas factory completely masters its production process, from design to installation and from the design office to customers.  



Shipping and Installation.  

Our team is in touch with you until the reception and installation of the devices are done.  



After Sales Service  

The maintenance contracts assure you of a follow-up and in-depth control of your devices. Within these contracts, the used components are changed for your safety and using comfort. When a breakdown occurs within the warranty period, a solution is quickly set-up.  

We are the first and only Gas System Company that provide 24 hours service backup within 1 hour response time islandwide.